Cat Discovers That He Really, Really Loves Sledding

Ninja had been watching his owners sled, when he decided to try it for himself.

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Ninja is enjoying winter more than most humans we know. Via Caters Clips/YouTube

By the time mid-February gets here, most of us are completely over winter, cold weather and snow. Every time a winter weather advisory appears on the local forecast, we’re collectively throwing up our hands, looking toward Mother Nature and yelling “Can you not?!” And then there’s this cat, who seems to be enjoying this wretched season, mainly because it allows him to go sledding.

Two-year-old Ninja had watched his owners sled all afternoon near their Prospect, Virginia, home and eventually decided that he’d like to give it a try. So he did — and then he didn’t want to stop.

When asked for a comment, Ninja said "Wheeee!" Via Caters Clips/YouTube

When asked for a comment, Ninja said “Wheeee!” Via Caters Clips/YouTube

“Just before [filming him], we had taken him down with us and then he decided to go himself,” owner Ann Hernandez told the Telegraph. “This was his first attempt, and we just burst out laughing. All we had to do was bring the sled back up for him.”

Hernandez said she was “amazed” that the cat got on the sled by himself. She might be right, but we’re even more amazed that anyone actually chooses to be out in the cold. Ninja, if you want to discover your hidden love for Netflix and throw pillows, give us a call.

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