Cat Daddy to Visit “Attack Cat”

Jackson Galaxy will tape a "My Cat From Hell" episode with Lux, the cat whose family called 911 after feeling threatened by him.

Cat advocate Jackson Galaxy has announced he will visit Lux, the cat who prompted a 911 call after his family felt threatened by the cat.

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Galaxy, host of “My Cat From Hell” on Animal Planet and author of “Cat Daddy,” will head to Portland, Ore., to meet Lux’s former pet parents Lee Palmer and Palmer’s girlfriend Teresa Barker and to see the cat. In his work, Galaxy aims to understand the motivation for cat behavior and educate pet parents on how to bring out the best in their cats.

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Palmer called 911 earlier this month to say that his cat had gone “over the edge.” This occurred after Palmer kicked the cat, who had scratched Palmer and Barker’s 7-month-old son after he pulled the cat’s tail. The couple originally said they would keep the cat, but on Monday they called a local shelter to take Lux into their facility.

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The crew from “My Cat From Hell” will join Galaxy to tape for the upcoming season of the show, which begins Apr. 26.  Galaxy has said he wants to see what’s behind Lux’s behavior.

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