Cat Creeps On Owner During Yoga So Owner Gives Him His Own Mat

Kody the cat got his own space to find inner peace.

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Upward-facing cat. Via Shorty and Kody/Rumble
Anastasia Thrift

A daily yoga practice can keep you healthy inside and out. It’s hard, though, to find serenity when your poses get blocked by a cat all up in your inner peace.

One cat owner finds a solution. In a Rumble video posted by Shorty and Kody, a cat dad named Alex gives his cat Kody his very own yoga mat where he can do his personal practice, and the cat totally takes to it.

Without it, Kody crawls all over Alex’s mat, going under his downward dog and winding around his crescent pose. Midway through, Alex pauses his practice and comes back with something in his hands.

It’s a mini mat — complete with a toy to keep Kody occupied. And it works.

The two continue in the video posing side by side, stretching and Zenning out. Kody seems happy with his mat, alternately posing and chilling.

The next time they want to practice downward-facing dog, monkey pose or cat-napping, Kody and Alex will each have room. To each his om.

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