Cat Crawls To Safety Inside Stove During Wildfires In Canada

Firefighters discovered a cat in a toppled stove, which likely saved his life.

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Firefighters called Tux "Stove Cat" for the appliance that saved him. Via Charlee's Angels For The Animals/Facebook
Anastasia Thrift

Incredible stories of rescue and survival are coming out Alberta, Canada, where wildfires have swept across Fort McMurray. Recent news of an inventive cat is no exception.

Firefighters found a cat inside a stove in a badly burned house and think the stove saved his life, The Canadian Press reports. Tux the cat likely climbed in the stove after a gas explosion blew out the oven door glass, rescue crews believe, and although it trapped him, it also protected him.

Tux suffered some injuries to his paws, so crews bandaged him up and shot his picture to share on social media to locate the cat’s owner. That’s how Jody Lishchynsky found her cat.

Landon and Tux were reunited, thanks to firefighters and Tux's ingenuity. ViaCharlee's Angels For The Animals/Facebook

Landon and Tux were reunited, thanks to firefighters and Tux’s ingenuity. Via Charlee’s Angels For The Animals/Facebook

According to the news outlet, the Lishchynsky family was separated from their cat when, during mere minutes of evacuation warning, Tux got trapped behind the fire line. They’d gathered everything they could carry and loaded a truck but when they returned to the house to pick up more, including Tux, the fire separated them from the cat.

The Lishchynsky family took refuge with relatives. That’s where they found Tux’s photo and the story of his incredible survival online. They soon reunited with their cat.

“I don’t know why that fireman looked in that stove,” Lishchynsky told the Canadian Press. “That’s just beyond me. Sure enough, there’s the little frigger.”

A smart, lucky little frigger indeed.

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