Cat Crashes Nativity Scene, Takes Prime Spot

Away in a manger, a cat sat right where she felt like it.

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"Baby who?" Via Brooke Goldman/The Dodo
Anastasia Thrift

Some people say the ancient Egyptians treated cats like gods, and the felines have never forgotten this. There’s definitely an air of the almighty about these animals — a little bit of a deity attitude.

A cat in New York City fully went for that higher power placement and took baby Jesus’ spot in a nativity scene, according to The Dodo. Curled up right between the Blessed Virgin Mary and Joseph, the cat seemed unaware of being out of place.

Bring her frankincense, gold and bonito flakes. Via Brooke Goldman/The Dodo

Photographer Brooke Goldman saw the cat during the early morning hours last Sunday. Despite being very tired and in a rush to get home to sleep, the sight of the cat — who didn’t care about sitting in the middle of a sacred religious scene — made Goldman laugh.

“I was laughing my ass off,” she told the website. “Laughing that hard that early in the morning makes the rest of the day much more positive.”

Maybe cats are really little gods. While they might not have total omnipotence, they definitely have the power to make us laugh.

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