Cat Cops Could Join Force, Thanks To 5-Year-Old Girl

U.K. police said they will consider using cat support after a kid’s letter suggests felines help fight crime.

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Cops love cats, too! A police chief's response to a 5-year-old girl's suggestion that the force should incorporate cats includes a drawing of his own pet. Via Cheryl Adamson/The Guardian
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Cats can deliver some serious smackdowns. Usually they’re reserved for laser toys, feather wands, other cats and us, but what if their powers were used for good?

That’s what 5-year-old Eliza Adamson-Hopper asked in a letter to police in Durham, England, and that’s what the police chief addressed in a response back to the young girl, according to The Guardian. In his letter back, Chief Mike Barton thanked Adamson-Hopper for her suggestion, said he would pass it on to an inspector and doodled a sketch of his own cat, Joey.

Eliza Adamson-Hopper and her cat MittensVia Cheryl Adamson/The Guardian

Eliza Adamson-Hopper and her cat Mittens Via Cheryl Adamson/The Guardian

“It was not a bog standard response, it was really personal to her, and we loved the drawing of the cat, it really tickled us,” Adamson-Hopper’s mother, Cheryl Adamson, told the news outlet.

And Barton stuck to his word. The request made it to Inspector Richie Allen, of the dog support unit, who said the force will consider incorporating cats.

“I can confirm the force is looking into recruiting what we believe to be the first U.K. police cat,” Allen is quoted saying in The Guardian. “Their duties and responsibilities have not yet been agreed, but if nothing else they will become the force mascot.”

Allen sent Adamson-Hopper a calendar and inviter her to an open house day. After all the positive response, she has decided to raise funds for the retired police dogs charity Paws Up.

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