Cat Realizes Cone Of Shame Is Actually Useful For Something

This cat learned that the cone of shame actually makes drinking water much easier.

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Finally, a reason not to absolutely despise these cones.
Chrissa Hardy

Cats and dogs don’t have much in common, but there’s one thing on which they can totally agree: wearing the cone of shame is THE WORST.

Its main use is to keep an animal from scratching or messing with a wound or sensitive area, but cats and dogs seem to sense how foolish they look when wearing them, and hate every second of it. But in a video uploaded to YouTube by Edward Wahnstrom, a cat realized that there is a way to make use of these hideous plastic cones.

Via YouTube

Might be time to rename it: Cone of Hydration? Via YouTube

The cat leans into the water flowing from the sink, and when the water hits the edge of the cone, it starts flowing into the cone itself, creating a convenient little drinking fountain for the cat to enjoy.

Via YouTube

No such thing as “too much slurping.” Via YouTube

A small puddle begins to form right under the cat’s tongue, and it becomes a lap-able pool of water.


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