Crazy Climber Cat Will Stop At Nothing To Track Down Treats

You think a little climb to the highest cabinet in the house would keep this cat away from the treat bag? Nope.

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Wherever the treats may be, this cat will find them.

Never let anything stop you from getting what you want – not even gravity.

In a video uploaded to YouTube by Deirdre Fleming in January (but is still circling the Internet due to extreme hilarity), a cat climbs to what is probably the highest cabinet in the house to snag a bag of treats.

Via YouTube

“Almost there, almost, and BINGO.” Via YouTube

At first, the cat stands tall, on tippy toes, in order to open the cabinet door.

Via YouTube

“Well, this is either where I succeed, or fall and die.” Via YouTube

Then the cat gets a grip on the door and begins to dangle in order to really get in there and locate the goodies.

Via YouTube

“Worth it.” Via YouTube

A bit of scrambling ensues when the cat struggles to find its footing on the microwave door, but  somehow gets enough leverage to dig into the cabinet and locate the treasure. Then the cat hops down with the treat bag in its mouth as if the journey to reach the treats was NBD.

This cat is one impressive creature, that’s for sure.

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