Cat Has All The Chill While She Enjoys Her Own Spa Day

Rubber duckie? Check. Hand-held shower? Check. Profound feeling of relaxation? Double check.

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This is her relaxed face. Via GangMeowOffice/Facebook

If you watched TV in the 1980s, you surely saw those ubiquitous commercials, where a woman sank into a relaxing bath while almost shouting “Calgon, take me away!” (Kids, ask your parents about Calgon. And about the 1980s. And about TV).

The cat in this Facebook video seems to be in the middle of her own Calgon-style afternoon, being pampered with a hand-held shower while she soaks in a tiny tub.

มันเวิคจริงๆเมื่อเอากะบะทรายมาทำอ่าง ฟินไหมสังเกตุหาง / ปิดหูกันน้ำเข้า/ enjoy ชีวิตเหมือนมีโซกันนะครับ ????????????

Posted by สำนักงานแก๊งค์เหมียว on Thursday, 25 February 2016

This professional-level chillaxer has everything she needs to de-stress from a hard day of napping, batting at pieces of paper or quietly judging her owner. She has Jessie J’s “Price Tag” on her stereo, a rubber duck and, most importantly, some cloth headgear that seem to protect her ears from any accidental splashes of water. (It also gives her a very regal Princess Leia look).

We don’t know about you, but we almost felt more relaxed just watching her enjoy her own soothing spa day. Calgon, take us away to wherever that cat is!

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