Cat Chat: More With Zack Ward

Hear more about the actor and his adopted cat, Cona.

Do people still recognize you from your role on the cult-favorite 1983 film “A Christmas Story?”
Pretty much, it depends on what time of the year.

Are you a bully in real life?
No, I’m kind of a jerk. Well, I play a jerk on TV. Being a character actor has been to my benefit; it has won me all different kinds of parts. There’s a problem in this business where if you are too pretty, you are usually considered for only one type of job. When you are a little bit more quirky, you get to play different characters.

Do you prefer television or film?
Well, it’s a different dynamic. The thing with film is it’s like going to camp. It’s all encompassing, but it ends and you get to go home. When you are doing a drama, they are rough. Actors work 14 to 17 hours a day 9 months out of the year, and it’s just crazy. Sitcoms are the easiest jobs in the world if you are funny and you can find funny. I would love to do a sitcom again, Cona and I!

Tell me about your long run with the hit show “Titus.”
It was an amazing experience. I learned so much. I had never done a sitcom before that. Because I had come from mostly film I didn’t understand a lot. So I felt very blessed that I was given this opportunity to do something like this.




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