Cat Chat: More With Taryn Manning

Actress Taryn Manning discusses life with her feline and canine companions.

Taryn Manning is one busy woman: actress, fashion designer, songwriter and lead singer of the band Boomkat. But she always makes time for her beloved pets – cat Monkey and dog Penguin.

Tell us about Monkey and Penguin.
Monkey was born in Moscow, Russia in February 2004. She is a Siberian and is one of Penguin’s best friends.
Penguin is definitely the more passive, docile one of the two. Monkey is funny – she loves to sit still out on her leash for hours each day enjoying the sunshine. She’s very sweet, and right when we enter, she greets us with a big meow!

What is Monkey’s personality like?
People tend to compare her to a dog. She loves people and company and loves having her belly rubbed the second she meets you. She doesn’t mind being held and played with, and she loves kids as much as adults. She and Penguin get along really great. Monkey also likes to be walked on a leash.

What is the relationship between Monkey and Penguin like?
It was cautious for Monkey at first. She doesn’t really spend a lot of time around other animals. But Penguin was so sweet and gave her space and allowed her to warm up to her at her own pace. Now, they are buddies. Animals can get along fine with each other when they give each other the space they need.

Which one demands the most attention?
I think they are equal on that front. They are both too cute to resist.

What are some funny things that Monkey does?
When she is sitting outside on her leash in the garden, she will meow to let you know she wants to come in, but when you go outside to get her, she’ll run back into the garden, fall on her back and stretch out while waiting for her belly to be rubbed. It’s to die for.

What are some of Monkey’s favorite things?
She has a stuffed furry thing that she’s had since she was born. It was an invitation to an event in a faux fur envelope, and she drags that thing everywhere. It’s her travel blankey.

Do Monkey and Penguin ever disagree?
Not that I know of. They’re both too positive-minded to disagree.

Do you enjoy music better than acting?
Yes, I think music is my true love. I feel sometimes there is just so much competition in the acting world, but when you can just sing and write songs, there is this sense of fulfillment that you get from it, and you don’t feel like you’re part of this herd of actors. That’s not to say that you can’t stand out as an actress because you can, and there are so many amazing actors, but my music gives me a sense of individuality that I yearn for; that I need to make me feel whole.

Do you think that Monkey outsmarts Penguin?
Nah, she’s so laid back. It’s not her MO; though she will ignore you if it’s not worth her while.

What have you learned from Monkey and Penguin?
They have totally inspired me to be in the happiest mood every day. They have taught me so much about joy, and they are so trustworthy of people. Trust has always been an issue for me, and honestly, they have been teaching me about trust.


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