Cat Chat: More With Golden Brooks

The actress talks about her work and her feline companions.

Have you ever worked with any animals?
I haven’t worked with cats, but I have worked with coyotes, dogs and a kangaroo. I love working with animals. I grew up in San Francisco, and we always had a lot of dogs and rabbits. We didn’t have cats, but my brother loved hamsters and lizards. I just have always loved animals. My friend had a stable with horses when I was growing up, so I helped with the horses, and I loved riding them.

Tell me about “Girlfriends.”
It’s been eight seasons of a lot of hard work, and a lot of fun with a lot of great memories. It kind of gave me a taste of what consistency was as an actress.

Do your cats ever recognize you on TV?
Casa recognizes himself in the mirror, and loves to watch me put on my makeup. But when I’m on TV, they recognize my voice. They love my voice.

What would be your dream role?
I like roles that take you through rooms. I don’t like roles that are just linear and on one note. I like roles where you can see the character’s humor, where you can see the character’s conflict, struggle, and flaws and don’t always get the prize in the end. I don’t like characters that always win and are always pretty. I love the actresses that show the ugly side of being pretty.

If your cats were celebrities, who would they be?
Indi would be Anthony Quinn, or like a Denzel Washington — very smooth and cool. Casa would be maybe like Mathew McConaughey. You give them milk and they keep coming back for more.

How do your cats cheer you up on a bad day?
I was going through a really bad breakup with my ex-boyfriend, and whenever I cried, Indi jumped on my stomach and waited for me to finish crying. I’m not lying — one time he even licked my tears. Indi is very in tune with me.

Do any animal issues concern you?
I really don’t like to see animals in the military. I don’t like to see animals work for the police. I know they need them, but it just bothers me. I don’t like to see animals used for testing. I don’t like animals in the circus. I don’t like to see them used for clothing. I do own some leather, but I never wear fur.

What are three words to describe your cats?
Happiness, forgiveness and nostalgia.

What have you learned from having pets?
I’ve learned that it’s not always about you. They are like children; you can’t yell at them. They teach me to not take myself so seriously, and they hold me accountable in a weird way. And they teach me how to smile even when I don’t want to.

Any advice to people looking to get an animal out there?
Adopt an animal today; it could be anything. There is a little animal out there that can use your love.

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