Cat Chat: More With Constance Zimmer

Best known for her roles on "Boston Legal" and "Entourage," Constance Zimmer happily juggles her acting career, motherhood, various charities (including those for animals), and the occasional nap with her cats Leo and Bella.

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Tell us about your cats.

Leo and Bella are brother and sister. I rescued them from a shelter in Glendale when I was going through a huge change in my life. I really wanted my dog at the time to have someone to play with while I was off at work because I was working long hours.

Are there any similarities between you?

I guess the fact that we all really like to nap together.

Have you always been a cat person?

I was brought up around cats and dogs since I was a little girl, so I consider myself an animal person in general, not partial to one or the other. My last dog was 17 when she passed away, and that was devastating. I haven’t been able to get another one since. And now that we have our daughter, Colette, we’d like to wait to adopt a dog once she’s older.

What is a typical day like for your cat?

Our cats have the best life … eat, sleep, hang out on the deck watching birds and squirrels and then more eating and sleeping. In between, they get lots and lots of mini massages.

What are some of your cats’ favorite things?

They love jumping and playing with this feather on a stick. Leo jumps super high for the feather. Colette likes to run around the house and have them chase her. They really enjoy her.

Are either of your cats “Entourage” fans?

Leo would like “Entourage” because he walks around the house like he owns it. He has the attitude.

You’re newly married. What do your cats think of your husband?

My husband, Russ, was not a cat person when we met. He was not excited about having to live with cats, but I think it’s safe to say that Leo alone has made him change his mind, at least about my cats. And Leo has definitely chosen Russ over me at this point.

What have you learned from having pets?

I think most pet owners have a compassion that others don’t. Animals, like kids, teach you responsibility and outright caring. They are great for people.

What do your cats do that make you laugh?

One day I couldn’t find either one of them, and they had both found their way into my clothes closet and set themselves up on their own shelves making nests within my sweaters. It was pretty funny to see both of them in there peering at me as if I was intruding into their space!

What do you find so special about cats?

Cats are very calming and peaceful. Petting them is a type of meditation to me. I find them very comforting especially when you need something besides a blanket to keep you warm. The purring is pretty magical, too. They are overall magical creatures.

Do you support any animal groups?

I support a few. I try to give a little to all of them somehow, some way, every day – the Humane Society, Much Love Animal rescue. Natural Resources Defense Council protects wild animals among their environmental issues. Whenever animals are in need, I do what I can.

What could people gain from having an animal in their life?

Compassion, I would hope! Or at least some kind of responsibility, learning to care for something that is somewhat helpless at times, hoping that it makes them a better person to all living creatures.

What are you working on now that you’re excited about?

I’m on a new show for NBC called “Love Bites.” It’s a one-hour comedy that makes me really happy to go to work to every day. It’s an anthology series, in the vein of “Love, American Style,” about love in all its shapes and forms.

Is there anything else you would like to do in your career?

I have many other things I’d like to do with my career. The possibilities are endless, but at this point, as long as I’m working, enjoying going to work every day and entertaining people at the same time, I’m happy.

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