Cat Chat: More With Christopher Knight and Adrianne Curry

He?s best known for his role as Peter Brady on the classic hit TV show "The Brady Bunch." She won the first season of "America?s Next Top Model." Christopher Knight and Adrianne Curry are now married and share their home with two rescued cats.

Tell us about your cats
Adrianne: We have Sergeant Pepper and Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds. They are both rescues. They have the lion cut right now.

Christopher: They were feral cats, and our friend runs a rescue called Precious Paws.

Adrianne: Chris and I had been living with each other for a little bit and the house was really quiet. I have always had tons of animals. So it was just really weird being in a house with nothing there. In fact, when I first moved in with him I would be eating meat out of a package and I would throw some on the floor out of habit, thinking that the cats would eat it and it would be sucked up really quick.

Christopher: You can imagine what I was thinking.

Sergeant Pepper seems to be a very mellow cat.
Christopher: Yes, especially for a feral cat. He has a remarkable personality. He is definitely not a scaredy cat. Lucy in the Sky takes a long time to warm up to people. She won’t always allow me to get next to her or pick her up. But if I’m lying in bed she will come right up on me. She likes to sleep on skin. She’ll curl right up on my chest or my head. She likes my hair.

Adrianne, is it true that you wanted to be a veterinarian when you were younger?
Yes I used to. I also used to do dog grooming when I was younger. It was one of my first jobs. I made good friends with the veterinarian. I told her how much I wanted to help animals. She said, “Well, we are going to be doing a neuter [surgery]. Would you like to come in and help?” She gave me the clippers, and I was able to shave the cat while she was sleeping. I was totally ready for it, but when she opened up that cat it was all over for me. “I can’t do this,” I said. I really don’t know what it is. I have seen people in bad shape and I could still help them if they needed it, but when it’s an animal I can’t do it. There is something wrong with looking at an animal with its tongue out and tubes all over. It was just too disturbing to me.

Christopher: Talk about feeling bad for them in certain situations: Lucy had a bad problem with her teeth. She was allergic to the plaque … the bacteria. It was really bad for her. There is a really bad epidemic of that in the feral community. She actually started hissing at her food because it hurt her so bad. We had already had her teeth scraped and cleaned, but it was bad. So, they had to pull all her teeth except for her fangs.

Adrianne: So she can’t eat dry food anymore.

Christopher: She licks her food now. You know she was licking my forehead last night and that tongue is so razor-like it’s like teeth in its own right.

Chris, you worked with many animals on the entire run of the Brady Bunch. How was that?
My thing was the tarantula. The best part was the guy responsible for him. He would steer it with a straw. He told me just to put my mind at ease [and said the tarantula] couldn’t bite me because it had ball bearings suck in its teeth. I don’t know why or how you can do that but it worked in my mind at the time – “All right, well it can’t hurt me.” It was just funny to watch this guy steer the tarantula with a straw by blowing in it. We worked with frogs on the show, too, and we worked with goats and mice.

What do your cats do that make you laugh?
Adrianne: Just the other day, I was loading the laundry in the dryer. I never turned away, never looked anywhere, but Sergeant Pepper jumped in the dryer. I closed the door and, luckily, it’s a glass door on the dryer and I saw him. I was like, “Are you trying to kill yourself?”

Christopher: He’s funny because he doesn’t purr a whole lot, but if you put him under the covers he starts purring right away.

So, did the lion cut come from the dryer spin?
Adrianne: I started getting really bad allergies from them. Lucy had the worst dandruff ever, but I was not going to get rid of my cats. So after washing them at the groomers they told me I should shave them and that it would really help. Ever since they have been shaved it doesn’t bother me at all.

Do you have a favorite out of the two cats?
Christopher: No. They have different personalities, and they are both like my kids. Sergeant Pepper is an exceptional cat and he is so sweet, but when Lucy is willing to give you her affection it is so special.

Are you ever going to get any dogs?
Adrianne: I want a Sheltie. They train really well and they are good with cats.

Christopher: Our life isn’t conducive to having pets. It’s already a fortune with the cats. Every time we leave town we put them into the kennel. We are not prone to letting people sit at our house while we are gone. Adrianne actually wants a boa constrictor right here in the kitchen by the sink. I don’t mind snakes, but we’re not putting it on the kitchen counter.

Chris, your career went from acting into the computer technical world for 20 years. Do you want to get back in front of the camera?
I’m still in the tech world. I like to have both. I wanted to take a break from it; frankly I needed the change. And I remembered it being an industry I just ran away from 20 years ago. I thought I would take a swing at it again and see what the industry is like again. Everything in my life is very unpredictable. It has been like the Brady Bunch for 40 years, and it never stops.

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