Cat Can’t Stop Staring At Woman Who Adopted Him

Wilbur the cat can’t take his eyes off his new mom.

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Wilbur staring at mom on computer
Obsessed much? Via theacaciasteph/Love Meow
Stephanie Brown

Ever since Imgur user theacaciasteph brought home a ginger tabby named Wilbur, she has the strange feeling she’s being watched. That’s because she is being watched — intensely — by Wilbur.

The rescue cat cannot stop staring at his new mom, who adopted him after his former owners gave him up.

“His last home literally just didn’t want him anymore,” she told Love Meow. “Nothing was wrong. They just didn’t want to take care of him anymore.”

He started staring shortly after he came to live in his new home. His gaze is always fixed on his mom, not anyone else.

“Other people to stare at but nope, just me,” she said.

He stares at his new mom when she’s trying to sleep.

Wilbur watching mom sleep

“You’re so beautiful when you’re sleeping.” Via theacaciasteph/Love Meow

He stares at her when she’s playing with the other cat.

The look of betrayal. Via theacaciasteph/Love Meow

When she’s eating.

“Do you like food more than me?” Via theacaciasteph/Love Meow

When she’s watching TV.

Let’s stare at each other and hold paws. Via theacaciasteph/Imgur

Even when someone else is petting him.

“This means nothing to me.” Via theacaciasteph/Imgur

“He doesn’t want cuddles,” his mom told Love Meow. “He just wants to stare.”

Maybe the reason Wilbur watches her is because he’s afraid he’s going to be abandoned again. Or he’s looking to his new owner to give him cues on how to behave in his new home. Or he wants food. Or maybe he’s just totally in love.

Whatever the reason, it’s clear this cat has made a connection with his new mom. He only has eyes for her.

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