Cat Can’t Be Bothered To Walk Down Stairs, Kind Of Slide-Rolls Down Instead

A cat turns into liquid cat to pour himself down the stairs.

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"Walking is overrated."
Anastasia Thrift

Stairs, yawn. So tedious. Why not simply lie on the ground and kind of roll down them?

One cat does exactly that in a video posted to YouTube by Cleber Moura. It went live two days ago but already has almost 100,000 views. Maybe so many people are watching because the cat’s method of walking down the stairs is quite a surprising sight… and yet also not very surprising at all coming from a cat.

Watch kitty roll-glide down the steps. It honestly looks like he might be getting a good neck scratch in the process, and that might be how he came to try this unique stair dismount.

Or, possibly, the cat wanted to buck the system, as cats so very often do.

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