Cat Cafés Come West

The United States could soon see its first cat cafes. Find out where.

Two groups on the west coast are raising funds to open the first cat cafés stateside, after successful establishments in Japan have drawn crowds and worldwide “Awws.” Groups in San Francisco, Oakland and Los Angeles are each trying to raise funds through crowd-sourcing to open cat cafés in their cities.

In Northern California, KitTea is set to open this year to accommodate San Francisco cat fans. They aim to offer sustainably sourced teas and an elegant establishment full of cats.

“All of the kitties at KitTea will be adoptable, and rescuing more cats is central to our mission. Huge numbers of cats in California never leave shelters,” KitTea’s website proclaims. “We hope the tea house will prove to be a great model for finding cats a forever home.”

Across the bay, in Oakland, fund-raising has begun for rescue group Cat Town to open a tea house called Cat Town Café. According to organizers, the café will be designed to pair visitors with a potential cat who needs a forever home, and the cat café will stock itself with a rotation of people-friendly new admissions.

People looking to help Cat Town Café get off the ground can contribute to its IndieGoGo campaign.

Carlos Wong is behind the Los Angeles plan to create a cat café through a Kickstarter campaign  He hopes to raise $350,000 for, simply titled, Cat Café. This coffee shop, too, will put the cats’ needs first and will bring adoptable cats who are friendly to folks to the establishment.

These awesome cat café efforts follow the first cat café set to open in London, Lady Dinah’s, modeled after Tokyo’s popular pet establishments. This proprietor, too, turned to crowd-sourcing to raise the £109,000 needed to open. Cats here roam into the tea shop with customers or outside in an enclosed, two-story cat yard.

Who knows what’s next for cat cafés. Where would you like to see one open?

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