Cat Bravely Faces Mountain Lion

When a mountain lion approaches a home, the family cat stands up to it.

What would you do if you looked out your window and a mountain lion was looking in? For one cat, the decision was simple: stand up to it. The mountain lion tries to get in, pawing at the window in what appears to be an attempt to get it open. Perhaps he just wants to play with his domestic cousin, but no chances are taken here. The housecat just looks on while the mountain lion keeps trying. At one point the pet cat stands up, but sits down again. He will not back down from this feline intruder, who eventually leaves. I wonder what he’s thinking when he turns back to look at his cat roommate. Is it “Oh my gosh, this guy is scary!” or “Check this one out – he thinks I’m scared of him.” Or maybe even “If I keep my back to him, he’ll go away.” What do you think this cat is thinking? What about the mountain lion?

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