Dog Terrified Of Cat Can’t Go Up The Stairs

This dog really wants to go up the stairs, but just the cat's presence is enough to keep him at the bottom.

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It's clear which four-legged friend is the ruler of the house, and it's not the dog.
Chrissa Hardy

Cats can be extremely intimidating creatures. Maybe it has to do with their overall indifference towards others, or perhaps their self-sufficient nature. Whatever it is, just the sight of the family cat is enough to stop this dog dead in his tracks.

In a video uploaded to YouTube by The Simple Green 123 in October 2012 (but still making the Internet rounds due to unwavering hilarity), a dog desiring nothing more than to go up the stairs is prevented from doing so by the family cat, who seems to be in charge of allowing others to pass.

C'mon, Charlie. You can do it! Via YouTube

You shall not pass! Via YouTube

The dog, named Charlie, looks visibly distraught while a woman calls for him to come upstairs. But he can’t seem to get up the courage to pass Fluffy the cat, who is sitting — rather nonchalantly, we might add — on one of the steps.

That's one small step for dogs, one giant leap for dogkind. Via YouTube

That’s one small step for dogs, one giant leap for dogkind. Via YouTube

Finally, Charlie makes a bold move and just goes for it.

As he’s making his way up the stairs and passing by Fluffy, Fluffy OF COURSE takes a few predictable swats at him. Maybe next time Charlie should bring some catnip for the toll.

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