Cat Birthday Party = Amazing Music Video Setting

Toronto band Secret Broadcast plays for a big crowd of kitties in its latest video for "More Than Friends.”

Mr. Meowgi had a live band at his birthday party, so why can’t I? Pet parents out there might be hearing this question from their teenage cats after they watch the Canadian band Secret Broadcast’s new video for their single “More Than Friends,” which was filmed at a shelter cat’s (Mr. Meowgi) birthday party.

Mr. Meowgi just might be the luckiest cat around right now. Not only was he given a full birthday celebration with friends, including a birthday cake, he also got a live band. Secret Broadcast and the Toronto Cat Rescue, a Canadian no-kill shelter, partnered up to film the video. Included in the video is Mr. Meowgi in a pretty stylish tux, lots of kitty friends in their pretty party dresses, and even a cat checking out her new pink “Catillac” race car. After checking out the drum equipment, an orange and white tabby decides to get bold and sit on top of one of the drums. You’ll have to check out the video to see what happens next.

Secret Broadcast started out in Calgary, Canada, but found their market and calling in Toronto. The band’s latest album, “Filthy Souls,” which was produced by Grammy-award-winning producer Adam Kasper, includes the song for the video along with 11 others. This album is all about serious guitar-driven rock and roll.

For more information on the Secret Broadcast and its music, check out their webpage.

Have you ever thrown a huge birthday party for your cat?

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