Cat Behavior Issues

Learn why veterinarians are better equipped than ever to help with behavior issues.

Feline behavioral problems are much more serious compared to a canine'sCats are distinctive pets in that their independent nature often outweighs their desire to please their owners. Cats have temperaments and genetics that result in behavior issues that are unique to the species. Behavior issues that make a cat owner lose sleep may not even cross the mind of a dog owner. For example, the way cats groom and eliminate is vastly different from that of dogs. A trip to the vet may be a fun car ride for a dog, but it can be extremely upsetting for a cat. Behavior problems are serious and can often affect the long-term relationship you will have with your cat. If you can catch pesky problems early and work together with your cat to modify her behavior, your relationship can be rewarding instead of taxing. Keep in mind that you as owner are ultimately responsible your cat deserves your full attention at all times, especially when it comes to behavior issues. 

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