Cat Bed Ikea Hack

Love or hate it, IKEA manages to make cats happy with a few hacks to housewares.

IKEA … many love this Swedish-based, (allegedly) ready-to-assemble home furnishing store, and many loathe it — as evidenced by  “The i hate IKEA Group” Facebook page. If you fall into the latter group, the crafty cat enthusiasts in Japan have given you reason enough to venture back into the blue block building. Skip the big directional arrows that have you meandering past futons, office displays and kitschy kitchenettes, and take the shortcut to the kids’ department.  You’ll want to get your hands on this hot-buy item.

A trend among Japanese cat lovers is to turn IKEA’s $19.99 DUKTIG Doll Bed into a cat bed Miss Hello Kitty herself would feel like queen of the household in. No need to spring for bed linen either, as this doll house bed comes with its own, primary-color plaid, which is a 75% polyester and 25% cotton blend, which means machine washable! But since spoiling your cat is an urge you simply can’t fight, you’ll likely hit up Anna’s Linens for cat-cool patterns to give your kitty a customized look. (For those who prefer to use the store’s miniature-golf style pencil and warehouse slip on the way to the self-serve checkout line, the article number is 101.016.64.) If you really are the crazy cat lady with multiple cats, you’ll be happy to hear that some cat owners have managed to turn the solid pine doll beds into bunk beds with metal brackets, so you can conceivably create your own cat barracks. Even with the standard single bed setup you’ll hear those dreaded words: some assembly required. Fortunately, science proved that cat people are smarter than dog people, so this basic assemblage should be easy peasy for most.

While you’re in the kid’s area, check out some fun feline flare your cat might like for his/her decked-out room. The Spoka LED light ($14.99), while officially listed as a “LED night light, animal, white, red,” this nightlight certainly has a feline look. Your sleepy kitty might also appreciate something to snuggle up to while in slumber, and IKEA offers two feline fantastic choices; the “LittlePlutt ($4.99) Soft toy, cat gray, white”; or if your cat tends to toss and turn before settling in for the night, perhaps the “LEKA Rattle, cat” (a 2-pack for $2.99!) will give him/her something to toss about.

Interestingly, while IKEA sells a dizzying array of home and office products, not to mention Swedish meatballs, the store is slow to develop a pet furnishing line. Until then, check out these ideas from, which has a section devoted to turning IKEA furnishings into pet-practical products. One fine example is IKEA’s standard Osted flatwoven rug ($24.99) — attach it vertically and voila! You have a cat climbing wall.

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