Cat: Be a Model, or Just Look Like One

The bored stare, the far-away gaze, Blue Steel — Cats were born to make these model poses.

Cats and models … they might have more in common than I previously thought. They can both be finicky eaters (models out of gig-getting necessity, and cats out of pure annoyance), and both probably have above-average grooming standards. But I never noticed just how model-like cats can be until I came across this photo series: “24 Awkward Modeling Poses Acted Out By Cats.”

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The title is intriguing, but the subhead is funny bone ticklish: “Because if anyone’s used to being in an uncomfortable position, it’s a cat.” — hilarious and spot-on, at the same time. Check out these kitties caught on film and/or posed perfectly for some mindless fun. I seriously want to adopt the kitty in photo number 20 … too cute for words. The last photo exposes Grumpy Cat as a poser, clearly stealing his trademark frown from an unnamed male model.  

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Buzzfeed doesn’t stop at awkward model poses. They say some of our average housecats’ looks and stances could elevate them to male model status.

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And if all this cat obsession has you concerned, read this list about why you’re not a crazy cat person, because people who like cats are actually great.

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