Cat-Attracting Jeans Promise To Make You More Popular With Felines

You'll definitely get some attention, from cats and from confused humans.

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That cat has never been more delighted by a pair of pants. Via Felissimo

If you stop into, say, the Gap, you’ll find just about every possible style of denim, from boyfriend and bootcut jeans to jeggings and whatever a crop kick is. And although you’ll probably find a pair that will fit well, none of them will get the attention of your cat — or the attention of any cats who happen to live in your neighborhood. Thank goodness that Japanese retailer Felissimo has designed a pair of jeans specifically to make you more popular with cats. No, really.

RocketNews24 reported that the wide leg jeans (which look a little like what your mom wore to your grade school soccer games) were created in partnership with Rinrin Yamano, a Japanese manga artist whose illustration of a cat face is stitched on the back pocket. The jeans are made of a thicker denim, which means your cats can frantically paw at you as often as they want without shredding your thighs. Each leg has a wide pleated pocket that is big enough to fill with treats, toys or a printed copy of Felissimo’s product description so you can explain why you’re wearing these um, unique, pants.

Why isn't this woman completely swarming with cats right now? Via Felissimo

Why isn’t this woman completely swarming with cats right now? Via Felissimo

The boldest feature of the jeans is the detachable plush tail, which can be clipped onto the side pocket or worn on the back of the jeans, like you’re an actual denim-clad cat. The jeans retail for around $65 and are available through Felissimo’s website. (Yes, this is the same site where you could order a bottle of fabric spray that smells like a cat’s head).  

“We expect most of the cats love this pair of jeans but the actual response of cats might vary,” the company warns.

Don’t toy with our emotions, Felissimo. We’re not wearing a detachable tail for nothing.

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