Cat Astrology on the Go

Your cat can get a heads-up on her horoscope with the Zodiacat app.

The ZodiaCat App from Itchy Brains on Vimeo.

Does your cat wake up with a less than enthusiastic cat-ti-tude about the start of a new day? Perhaps he or she is wondering if one of seven lives might be at stake with those first tentative steps off of the cat bed/your bed. Cats generally aren’t ones for surprises, so imagine how relieved your cat will be to find out that he/she has access to his/her very own daily horoscope. Cat horoscopes? Yes, there’s an app for that!


Jun. 6, 2015, is the official launch day for the Apple-approved ZodiaCat, touted as the first and only app that delivers a daily horoscope for cats and the brainchild of Itchy Brains, a self-described idea factory based in Detroit. The app can be downloaded from iTunes (under the Entertainment category) onto an iPhone or iPad, either with a free version, which offers a 10-day trial of horoscopes, or a full version for 99 cents. The full version comes with two perks — a horoscope delivered each day and the satisfaction of knowing that 20% of proceeds go toward Best Friends Animal Society, a nonprofit 501 (c) (3) animal welfare organization.


How It Works
The app prompts you to fill in your cat’s name and birthdate on the profile page. Don’t fret if you are unsure of your cat’s actual birthday; you can choose his/her Zodiac sign based on personality description. Take, for example, this cat’s Aquarius profile: “Mittens is an Aquarius cat, all sweet and honest, friendly and loyal. Mittens is a bit stubborn on the inside, but that oh-so-attractive outside makes it all worthwhile!” Next, you’ll choose from a selection of colorful cat cartoon headshots to find one that best represents your feline.

You can add another cat, however, if you have more than two cats, you’ll have to go with “eeny meeny miny moe” to narrow it down to the two chosen ones, which is the max that can be registered at this time. Your cat-loving friends can get in on the horoscope action too, all you need to do is hit the “invite” button and soon you’ll be comparing kitty scopes, all of which you can share on social media. Another reason to go for the full version is to give your cat reason to stop his or her sulking over missed birthdays and holiday exclusions, as a special message will be awaiting him/her on these special days.

So how precise is this cat app at predicting how your cat’s day will go? The app’s maker describes its methodology as such, “Our daily horoscopes are delivered to your cat via our proprietary, incredibly accurate and scientifically-proven HorosCat horoscope generation process. Many factors are measured to ensure the reliability of each delivered horoscope. To date, we haven’t had a single cat complain about the accuracy of the app’s horoscopes.”

Here’s a real-life example for one furry friend: “No matter what happens today, remember, breathe easy and don’t sweat the small stuff. After all, you will always land on your feet.” With words of wisdom like that, I predict that it would be hard for even the scaredy-cats to not seize the day.

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