A Cat And A Rabbit Became Besties, Then Twinsies

They're different species, but a Flemish Giant rabbit named Wallace and his feline BFF, Gus, are two of a kind.

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The definition of #twinning. Via Wallace the Wabbit/Instagram

You know how some couples and best friends spend so much time together that they actually start to look alike?

That seems to be the case with Gus and Wallace, a cat and a Flemish Giant rabbit, respectively. In terms of physical characteristics, Gus and Wallace have the same color fur: red. And because Wallace is on the larger side of the bunny scale, they’re close to the same size.

But, as evidenced by Wallace’s adventures on Instagram (which usually include Gus because DUH, they are BFFs), their similarities seem to go beyond mere appearance. The two act alike, as well, from how they beg for treats to how they nap to how they groom themselves.

Here are some super adorable examples of how much the two look and even act like each other.

1. Seeing double. Double twouble.

Just two large fawn friends✌????️ #oddcouple #catnap #flemishgiant #tomcat #cat #rabbitsofinstagram #bunny #rabbit

A photo posted by Wallace (Flemish Giant) (@wallacethewabbit) on

2. Annnnnd smush.

3. Grooming is equally important to both Gus and Wallace.

4. Cuddle time is the best time.

Who doesn't love a good cuddle???? #flemishgiant #cat #furryfriends #cuddlebuddy #rabbitsofinstagram

A photo posted by Wallace (Flemish Giant) (@wallacethewabbit) on

5. Even their play-fights are evenly matched!

True brothers ???? I swear we love eachother! #brotherlylove #playfighting #flemishgiant #rabbit #rabbitsofinstagram

A video posted by Wallace (Flemish Giant) (@wallacethewabbit) on

6. Treats, please.

7. Lazy Sundays never looked this good. Or this… similar.

Lazy Sunday ???? #flemishgiant #rabbitsofinstagram #bestfriends #cuddlebuddies

A video posted by Wallace (Flemish Giant) (@wallacethewabbit) on

8. Who is smooching who? Doesn’t matter, it’s all kinds of cuteness.

Brother from another mother ???? #flemishgiant #rabbitsofinstagram

A photo posted by Wallace (Flemish Giant) (@wallacethewabbit) on

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