Cat And Baby Have Daily Conversations About Who Knows What

These two have a lot of catching up to do each day.

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"What do you think they do with all of our poop?"
Stephanie Brown

We all talk to babies and we all talk to our cats, and they even talk back to us. Do we know what they’re saying? Nope. Well, maybe we think we do, at least sometimes. But what about when a baby and a cat talk to each other? They can’t possibly understand each other, can they?

A parent caught her young daughter and pet cat conversing on camera and uploaded it to YouTube. The vintage video, posted by YouTuber Lenny, shows the two engaged in what is seemingly a deep and meaningful conversation.

Cat: "Where'd they hide my treats?" Baby: "Over there. Uh-oh, they heard us."

Cat: “Where’d they hide my treats?”
Baby: “Over there. Uh-oh, they heard us.”

Apparently the toddler and cat talk like this every day. What they talk about is anybody’s guess. Are they commiserating over the day’s meal options? Sharing war stories about bath time? Debating foreign policy issues?

Whatever they talk about, it’s clear only they can understand it.

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