Cat Accepts Fate of Being Paper Costume Model

You know there’s a lot of eye rolling going on in Maru’s mind.

Some cats hate wearing Halloween costumes. Others like dressing up (of course, the ones who hate it say these cats are lying). And then there are the ones who tolerate their human’s whims and allow themselves to be dressed in a Halloween costume.

Maru, the Scottish Fold from Japan, is a member of this latter group. He poses behind paper drawings that are perfectly cut out for his cute little face to show through. He’s a rabbit, panda, lion, spotted cat, penguin and owl. Check out the modeling session:

He’s totally adorable posing in these makeshift costumes, and the backstage footage shows him willingly getting into “costume” – he’s actually crawling into a cardboard box. His face, of course, is priceless. I can’t help thinking the words, “OK, human, I’ll do this for you, but you need to hurry up and I better get lots of treats” are going through his mind.

What do you think of Maru’s costumes? Tell us in the comments below.


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