Now Every Cat Can Dress Like A Warrior With 3D-Printed Armor

A Thingiverse user recently created a suit of armor for his cat Bobo using a 3D printer, and it's pretty incredible.

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Finally, cats have the appropriate gear for when they take over the world. Via Print That Thing/Thingiverse

Who’s ready for an army of feline soldiers?

A user on Thingiverse, PrintThatThing, recently designed and created a cape of armor for his cat Bobo using a 3D printer, and it’s pretty mindblowing. In a video uploaded to YouTube, Bobo’s owner shares his concept and design steps — each of which required Bobo’s approval — and how the armor was made to protect Bobo from the dangers of the world, as well as a stellar Halloween costume.

CNET described the look as a cross between the Batman suit and the Hound’s armor from “Game Of Thrones” — which is supremely accurate.

Via Print That Thing/Thingiverse

Well I just got chills. You? Via Print That Thing/Thingiverse

The armor includes spikes along the back, all the way to the tail, an opening for a leash behind the neck, a tag underneath the chin, and a catnip holder.

Via Print That Thing/Thingiverse

YIKES. Via Print That Thing/Thingiverse

Bobo’s owner would now like to design a helmet to go along with it and is asking for help from YOU on collaboration. So how would you like the armor helmet to look? Your ideas could come to life with this project!

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