Castration Is Only Option for Sterilizing Dog

Safe, routine procedure helps prevent overpopulation.

Q. Is there any procedure or medication that could sterilize a male puppy other than castration? I just want to be sure I’m not getting tricked.

A. Castration is the only method of sterilizing a male dog. There has been some research done with medical castration, but nothing practical has come from it. Neutering is generally a straightforward and safe surgical procedure, even in older dogs.
One novel option that has become more popular is the use of Neuticals, or prosthetic testicles. These implants give the impression that a neutered dog is actually intact. While completely unnecessary for the dog, they do offer cosmetic comfort to the dog’s owner (usually a male).
Some type of economical, non-surgical method of castration would be a major breakthrough in helping control the population of unwanted pets, but there is nothing on the immediate horizon.

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