Casey Johnson’s Dogs Checked by Vet

The late heiress’s dogs, Zoe and Elvis, are with Johnson’s family.

Nicky Hilton says the late Casey Johnson’s dogs, Zoe and Elvis, are alive and well and have been given clean bills of health by a veterinarian.

Johnson’s fiancé, reality star Tila Tequila, had told reporters last week that Hilton – a lifelong friend of Johnson – intended to “put the dogs down” and bury them with Johnson, an heiress to the Johnson & Johnson fortune who died last week at the age of 30.

Hilton and Bijou Phillips, another longtime friend of Johnson, went to Tequila’s Los Angeles home to pick up Johnson’s dogs days after the heiress died.

A report on says the dogs are in good health and living with Johnson’s family.

“Hope this clears up all the rumors,” Hilton wrote in a Twitter posting with a link to the TMZ article.

Johnson is the daughter of Jets owner Woody Johnson. Casey Johnson suffered from diabetes and had a history of substance abuse.

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