Case of the Missing Cat

See if you can solve the mystery, and find your cat!

“I don’t know Dad,” you say. “That’s not like Fritz to hide out under a bed all day, don’t you think we should go look inside?”

“Yeah, Fritz wouldn’t do that,” your brother chimes in.

“Well, I guess it couldn’t hurt to go do a quick sweep of the house for him,” your mom says.

“Oh, all right,” your dad says.

Everyone gets up from the table and brings their dishes inside to the sink.

“I’ll check the bedrooms!” you say.

“I’ll check the bathrooms,” your sister says.

“I’ll check downstairs,” your brother says.

“I’ll check the rest of the house,” your mom says.

“I’ll be in the family room eagerly awaiting your updates,” your dad says. “Oh, and I will check the TV too, maybe Fritz is there.” 

Everyone heads off to search for Fritz.

You check your bedroom. No Fritz in the closet. No Fritz under the bed. No Fritz behind dressers or desks.

You head to your sister’s room. Again, no Fritz anywhere. As you head to your brother’s room, that’s when you hear from a distance:

“Hey! I found him!” your brother shouts.

If you decide to go see if your brother found the cat, click here.

If you think your brother is playing a prank and didn’t really find the cat, click here.

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