Carrying Cats In Bags: Lazy-Owner Hack Or Brilliant Innovation?

Cat-in-the-Bag Cozy Comfort carrier is a flexible way to carry your cat from place to place, versus your typical carrier, and someone has taken it on a test run so you don't have to.

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Like little cat burritos, a cloth carrier lets you take your cats to-go. Via tstarmack/YouTube
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Have you ever looked at your cat before leaving the house for a vet appointment and thought, “I should just put you in a tote bag and head out”? Well, you’re in luck.

Cat-in-the-Bag Cozy Comfort Carrier is an all-cloth alternative to cat carriers, KHOU News in Texas reports. The TV station even tried out the innovative transport – which looks a bit like a pillowcase with a circular opening for a cat’s head at one end and a zippered closure at the other and retails for about $27 – to see if it lived up to expectations.

In a promotional video for Cat-in-a-Bag, company owner Jeanne Starmack says the carrier’s design keeps cats calmer because their heads remain uncovered, as opposed to other cat carriers.

Maxed and relaxed in a sack Via tstarmack/YouTube

Maxed and relaxed in a sack Via tstarmack/YouTube

She also touts the carrier’s safety in the car because it can be buckled right in by the seatbelt, through the triple-stitched strap made of the same tightly-woven cloth as the rest of the product.

"I am in my happy place ... I am in my happy place ..." Via tstarmack/YouTube

“I am in my happy place … I am in my happy place …” Via tstarmack/YouTube

And do you ever struggle to trim your cat’s claws or brush your cat’s teeth? Then the Cat-in-a-Bag is the answer to those problems, too, Starmack says, thanks to the comfy restraint the carrier provides.

"Nope." Via KHOU/Facebook

“Nope.” Via KHOU/Facebook

Starmack’s claims and the relaxed model cat of her promotional video had us convinced. The TV report, however, shows mixed results. Some cats looked very comfortable in the carriers. Others expressed minor dread through their eyes or wouldn’t get in at all.

Seems that cats might be, um, unpredictable.

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