Carry Your Kitty With You In This Cat-Friendly Summertime Hoodie

It’s the fashion-savvy way to carry around your cat.

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You and your cat just might love the Mewgaroo.
Cari Jorgensen

Last year, Unihabitat introduced to cat lovers everywhere the Mewgaroo hoodie, a hooded sweatshirt designed to allow you to carry around your cat or small dog wherever you went. Now, the Japanese pet supply company has brought us the Summer Mewgaroo hoodie. And yes, it’s exactly as it sounds: a sleeveless hooded sweatshirt that lets you carry around your cat.

Sure, you can push your cat around in a little stroller or walk her on a leash, but the Summer Mewgaroo Hoodie keeps kitty close… as long as she doesn’t wiggle out of it.

The Mewgaroo comes with cat ears, too. Via Unihabitat

The Mewgaroo comes with cat ears, too. Via Unihabitat

The sleeveless sweatshirt is made of 100 percent double-knit cotton — breathable fabric with a smooth texture that keeps you cool and reduces cat claw snags, My Modern Met reports.

The pouch cinches, and can hold cats that weigh up to 15 pounds. To help ensure kitty doesn’t get bored, the sweatshirt comes with hood cords that have pom-poms at the ends of them. It even comes with a spot to insert an ice pack if you’d like to keep your cat cool.

Kitty's cozy in the Mewgaroo. Via Unihabitat

Kitty’s cozy in the Mewgaroo. Via Unihabitat

The Summer Mewgaroo hoodie is priced at 4,860 Yen ($47.71 US) and is available through Amazon Japan. However, it does not yet ship internationally, according to My Modern Met. So hopefully you have some friends in Japan who can send you one. (If so, send them our info so we can get one, too.)

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