Carrier Lets Puppy Go on Long Walks

Young pup needs breaks while hiking around Scotland.

Q. We are getting a working English Springer Spaniel in July and are going away on holiday in mid-August. We intend to take our current dog and the puppy with us as we are only going to Scotland. But a lot of the time that we’re there, we go for walks. Since a young puppy cannot be walked for more than 15 to 30 minutes a day, we are wondering what to do with the puppy. I it possible to get a rucksack or something like that to carry the puppy around in while on walks and then let her out every so often?

A. Depending on the age of the puppy, she could probably walk more than 30 minutes a day. Although running with a puppy is not recommended, walking at a reasonable pace should do your puppy some good, and certainly guarantee good sleep time for your puppy and yourselves.
A rucksack would make a nifty carrying device for a pup, but just make sure her head is somewhat supported and not slinging around. A better choice might be a dog carrier, a soft-shelled, open-mesh carrier that you carry like a small suitcase.
Enjoy your travels and holiday.

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