Carrie Underwood’s Dogs Lock Themselves — And Her Son — In Her Car

Country superstar Carrie Underwood broke into her car to rescue her dogs and baby after one of the pooches hit the lock button.

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Carrie Underwood (left) says her dogs accidentally locked themselves and her infant son in the car. Via carrieunderwood/Instagram

You don’t have to scroll very far through Carrie Underwood’s Instagram feed to realize how much she loves her dogs. By the looks of things, she takes her pups almost everywhere with her, even on tour. But they were briefly separated by, oh, several thousand pounds of metal, when the dogs somehow managed to lock themselves — and Underwood’s 4-month-old son, Isaiah — inside her car.

She (or, more specifically, her brother-in-law) had to break a window to free her pups and her baby. Underwood recounted the entire incident on Twitter, adding the hashtag #WhatAreTheChances. Regardless of the chances, we’re just glad that everyone was unharmed, other than the car.

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