Carrie Fisher’s Dog Steals The Show At ‘The Force Awakens’ Premiere

The woman behind the iconic Princess Leia had her thunder stolen by her own dog at the London premiere of "Star Wars: The Force Awakens."

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Gary, you're our only hope.

In a galaxy not so far away (London), Carrie Fisher’s French Bulldog, Gary, became an Internet star.

At the London premiere of “Star Wars: The Force Awakens,” Fisher, who reprises her role as Leia Organa in the new movie, walked the red carpet with Gary, and the Frenchie definitely hammed it up for the cameras, especially during a group photo of the film’s cast and creators.

As seen in a video uploaded to YouTube by JoBlo Movie Trailers, Gary loses his little mind upon seeing the droid, BB-8, and manages to steal the spotlight away from the very big names on stage with him.

Via YouTube

Gary, this is a movie premiere! Contain yourself. Via YouTube

He barks, moves away, moves closer, and then does a crazy Frenchie sidestep in an effort to either intimidate or play with BB-8.

Via YouTube

“And just what in the heck are you?!” Via YouTube

Meanwhile, Fisher looks on with an equal amount of embarrassment and pride at her dog’s hilarious antics.

Because dogs will be dogs, no matter how famous their owners are.

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