Carolina Dog

This devoted breed is your best buddy.

America’s ‘all-natural’ dog
Nicknamed the “American Dingo,” the “Dixie Dingo,” the “Native American Dog,” and the “Ol’ Yaller dog” in the rural South, the Carolina Dog, as it’s properly known, hails from the swamps and bottomlands of South Carolina and Georgia. But Jane G., president of The Carolina Dog Association, says the dog’s ancestry reaches to the other side of the globe.

“We’ve traced the Carolina Dog back to other primitive breeds, like the Australian Dingo,” says Jane, who along with ecologist I. Lehr Brisbin, Jr., has been instrumental in gathering, identifying, preserving, and raising the dogs in a captive-breeding program at her Mane Chance Kennels at Banbury Cross Farm outside Aiken, Ga.

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