CarMax Commercial Goes to the Dogs

Big Game TV commercial gets an all-dog cast for an online version. Can you guess which one we like better?

CarMax Slow Bark CommercialThis year’s CarMax Super Bowl commercial follows a customer as he leaves the lot with his perfect car. While we can’t help but enjoy the cast of characters that “Slow Clap” the man about town, it leaves us barking for more. If the Super Bowl has a puppy version, why not Super Bowl commercials?

Bark and ye’ shall receive.

In an online-only version, a puppy receives “Slow Barks” as he drives off with his new car past a delightful collection of puppies in clothing – what could be better?

The puppy commercial stands on its own, but we feel inclined to show you both so you can appreciate the full extent of the copy-cat, or rather, copy-dog.

The human version:


Much more adorable puppy version:


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