Careers With Critters

Check out these career paths for working with small animal pets.

People who love their small animal pets will stop at nothing to give them the best. Throughout the past 15 years, that task has become much easier thanks to the increasingly available information concerning their needs, wants and requirements.
Once thought rare, the possession of domesticated pets like hedgehogs, chinchillas, sugar gliders, gerbils and ferrets has become commonplace. The awareness of these pets and their unique hold on owners has become apparent and can be attributed, in part, to education.

This has created a niche in the marketplace, resulting in occupations for animal lovers that allow them to make a living while fulfilling their desires to work with small animal pets. 

Ferret Specialist
Though she didn’t realize it at that time, April Pietroiacovo’s journey to her calling began years ago with a visit to her veterinarian’s office. “I went to my vet’s office and got Totally Ferret food,” she said. “It was new and my vet said, ‘try this.’” 

Excited to find food made specifically for ferrets, Pietroiacovo called the company and had a conversation with its founder, Dr. Willard. That small conversation began a dialogue that continued through the years as they reconnected at gatherings and events within the ferret community. While picking up a food prize for one of her club events, she spoke to Willard, and he asked if she was interested in coming on board as a ferret specialist.

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