Captivated By Chinchillas

When you welcome a chinchilla into your home, you add a unique, furry friend.

chinchilla articleChinchillas are gentle, mild-mannered, inquisitive animals. The more time you spend with a chinchilla, the more confident and friendly it will be. No two are alike! Some chinchillas can be affectionate and bond closely with their owners, while others are shy or flighty and need extra taming and socialization. Some chinchillas enjoy being petted and held, others do not. 

Chinchillas can live 10 to 20 years if they receive nutritious food and good care. Most chinchilla health problems are linked to eating the wrong foods, dietary imbalances, or unsafe, crowded and unsanitary housing conditions. Fortunately, you have full control over all aspects of your chinchilla’s life, so providing your pet with the best care possible is easy to do! 

Tips For Interaction
Sit on the floor in a safe, enclosed area and allow your chinchilla to approach you. Lure it with a tiny, tasty treat to encourage it to hop onto your lap where you can pet it.

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