Can’t Get To A Cat Café? No Worries! Watch This Video Of One Instead

A GoPro video was taken into Cat Life, a cat café in Shanghai.

A Cat Cafe in Shanghai, China.

While I’ve spent many hours writing about cat cafés, I’ve never actually been to one. This is most likely because the closest one is two hours away when there’s no traffic. So while I wait for the opportunity to visit that one – or for one to show in a city much closer to me – I must sit back and read about other people’s cat café adventures or, thanks to a recent GoPro video, watch the experience and then wish even more that I was there in person.

Luckily, the video is all kinds of awesome (how could it not be when there are cats in it?). It takes a look at Cat Life, one of the first cat cafés to open in Shanghai. According to the YouTube description, this cat café is “where the cats are the owners and you are their guest.”

Ah, to be a guest at a cat café…

Is there a cat café near you? Share photos of your visit there with us!

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