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Can’t Get Enough Neko Astume? Good News: It’s Becoming A Live Action Cat Movie

Now you can check on your cats while watching a movie about checking on your cats.

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It's a game, it's a movie, it's a game and a movie. Via Neko Atsume Movie/Facebook

If you are one of the everybody playing Neko Atsume — and based on anecdotal evidence, that number is accurate — you are in luck. You won’t have to feel guilty checking on your cats while at the movies because a new movie will be nothing but checking on your cats.

Smartphone game Neko Atsume will become a live action cat movie, according to the AV Club. Set to release in 2017, the cinematic version looks like it will be a kind of origin story for the digital cat-feeding phenomenon.

The original, addictive game. Via iTunes

The original, addictive game. Via iTunes

The film, officially called “Neko Atsume no Ie (House Of Neko Atsume),” follows the struggle of Katsu Sakumoto, a best-selling, award-winning young author who comes down with writers block. This leads him to find a quiet place to write.

There, he meets a cat in the back yard of his new writer’s cabin and tries to befriend it. The cat couldn’t care less but Katsu wants a friend so he leaves food in the yard for the cat. When he wakes up, the food is gone. Katsu is inspired! And the Neko Atsume saga begins.

We never thought about the way these digital cats came to depend on us for food. Now that we know there’s a whole back story, we might become even more obsessed. If that’s possible.

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