Canine Flu Won’t Change AKC Dog Show Procedures

AKC said it will not change its dog show procedures because of canine influenza.

October 19, 2005
The American Kennel Club said it will not change its standard dog show procedures because of canine influenza, a newly identified canine disease that mimics kennel cough.

Judges will continue with standard dog show procedures, including examining a dogs mouth and teeth, said Lisa Peterson, AKC spokesperson.

While the AKC is concerned about the canine influenza virus, there have been no reports of outbreaks at dog shows or amongst the thousands of AKC-affiliated kennel clubs around the country, she said. However, since the virus is contagious to all dogs, especially where they might congregate in large numberswe are watching developments closely and recommending that all dog owners take precautions. While many of us go to work when we are sick, we shouldn’t consider sending our dog to a kennel or entering him in a dog show if he is showing any signs of illness.

To protect pets from canine influenza, the AKC said owners should avoid contact with coughing dogs and monitor their pets for symptoms of the

disease, which include a cough, runny nose and low-grade fever. If symptoms develop, the AKC said owners should immediately take their pet to the veterinarian for confirmation and treatment options.

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