Canine Cupids

Meet the winners of our Doggie Valentine contest.

As any dog owner knows, love is a many splendored thing. From the day you bring him home to playtime at the park to just sitting by the fireplace after many happy years together, dogs bring joy to our life in countless ways.

In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, we put the call out for you to literally and visually express what your dog means to you. Understandably, we got quite a few entries of owners showing and telling us how enamored they are with their four-legged pals. It was tough to whittle it down to five, but here are the winners of our Doggie Valentine Contest whose words and pictures captured our hearts as well.

1st place
Brighton (Labrador Retriever), owned by Christine V. of New Jersey.

“From the moment Brighton met the baby, it was love at first sight. Brighton never leaves the baby’s side. They are inseparable.”

2nd place
Melian (Saluki), owned by Mother S. of California.

“Melian rescued me from the grief of losing my previous dog. She stole my heart anew and will not give it back. For her thievery she has to endure an abundance of hugs, kisses, and numerous other means of affection.”

3rd place
Cede (Jack Russell Terrier), owned by Brandon M. of Missouri.

“I was there the day she was born and helped her mother through a difficult birth. She’s my baby.”

Honorable mentions

Shadow (Labrador Retriever), owned by Emma N. of Alaska.

“I love my 9-year-old Lab, Shadow. He is my world and makes everyday special to me. I don’t know what I would do without him.”

Dozer (Mastiff), owned by Melissa J. of Pennsylvania.


 “Dozer was a rescue dog, but I think he rescued me. My dad had died and I was depressed and he has helped me out of the funk.”

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