Cancer-Stricken Man Reunited with His Cat

A landlord is convinced to make an exception regarding his no-pet policy, thanks to a couple of friends.

Seeing someone battling cancer is a difficult thing. You want to give them everything they need and want to help them through it. For Jon Glazier, a 38-year-old single father with stage 3 testicular cancer, the comfort he received from his cat, Einstein was the biggest help to him.

Three years ago, Glazier and his son, Jeffrey, adopted Einstein from Eaton County Animal Control, USA Today reports. The cat was four weeks old and immediately bonded with the family.

“From the moment that we saw him he clung to us,” Glazier told USA Today. “He doesn’t really like any other people except for me. [He] doesn’t leave my side. Wherever I go, whatever I do, he’s there for me.”

Despite being Glazier’s comfort through chemotherapy treatments, the two had to be separated when Glazier moved. Being a contract worker with no insurance, Glazier could only afford an apartment with a “strict, no-pet policy,” according to USA Today. Even though he didn’t want to, Glazier asked a friend, Heather Wiedenhoeft, if she could take Einstein in.

“I could hear his voice start cracking over the phone when he asked me. I knew he was a huge animal lover.” Wiedenhoeft told USA Today. “When I took the cat from him I could see the tears in his eyes. He didn’t say much. He’s a quiet man, very quiet, and that may be why he was hesitant to explain.”

Glazier did explain later that night. His prognosis gave him two years left at best and he would likely remain on chemotherapy for the rest of his life. The treatments occur every other week, when his son is with his mother. Einstein is his support system during that time. Having to be without that support system was leaving him distraught. And he wasn’t the only one feeling that way over the situation. Einstein had spent the entire time in Wiedenhoeft’s care hiding under the bed.

After the conversation, Wiedenhoeft and her boyfriend decided to do whatever they could to get Einstein back to Glazier, USA Today reports. They got Glazier’s landlord’s information and sent him an email that read, “I understand you have a strict no pet policy but I am asking for your consideration in a not so ordinary case. I’m not sure if you know much about Jonathan’s situation. He is an amazing single father. Unfortunately, this man, who would give the shirt off his back to help someone else, may have been too humble to tell you the reason his cat is so important to him.”

His landlord, Jerry Ericks, had long since said no to pets due to bad experiences with tenants who had them. When Ericks found out Glazier was battling cancer, he knew it was time to make an exception.

“With the situation he has, you know, sometimes you’ve got to void your rules and go with what’s right,” Ericks told USA Today. “You’ve got to care about people.  I said, ‘Just take the cat to him.’ I just felt, with this man, that it was the right thing to do.

Wiedenhoeft called Glazier and told him the good news. Glazier and Jeffrey drove out to pick Einstein up and when they did the cat came out from under the bed.

Wiedenhoeft and her boyfriend have since started a Go Fund Me account for Glazier and his son in an effort to give them a great, stress-free holiday.

“I don’t really know what to say,” Glazier told USA Today. “There’s nothing I can do to thank them enough.”

Click here to read more about Glazier or to donate to the Go Fund Me campaign.


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