Canadian Lynx

Canadian Lynx. Via Keith Williams/Wikipedia

Lynx canadensis

This medium-sized cat weighs between 17 and 24 pounds and is known for its long ear tufts. Canadian lynxes have extra fur on their paws that act like snow shoes allowing them to walk on soft snow. The Canadian lynx is mainly found in Canada, however, about 200 remain in America. Recent attempts have been made to reintroduce the species into the United States. The lynx’s main food supply is the Snowshoe hare. The Canadian lynx is very dependent on the number of snowshoe hares available as prey. This cat is mostly nocturnal and usually lives on the ground. The lynx has been known to sometimes cooperatively hunt with other Canadian lynxes. It is legal in Canada to trap and hunt the Canadian lynxes, which is their main threat in the wild.

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