Canada’s New Grand Champion System

Canada's new Grand Champion and Grand Champion Excellent system came into effect in January 2013.

The new Grand Champion system, which began in January of this year, will replace the old one, which is now referred to as a Grand Champion Excellent (GCh.Ex). The title is not being grandfathered, and dogs that had already earned a Grand Champion title will need to earn it again to use the title Grand Champion Excellent. Judges can now, at their discretion, award Select Dog and Select Bitch at the breed level in a manner similar to the way it is done in the United States. Exhibitors must keep track of the points their dog earns, as it is not an automatic title and must be applied for.

To earn the new Grand Champion title, a dog must earn a total of 20 points including at least one Best of Breed win and at least one two-point win. Up to five points can be earned at a single show. The number of points earned is determined by the number of dogs competing. To earn a Grand Champion Excellent title, a dog must have already earned the Grand Champion title and then earn an additional 100 points. Included in the 100 points must be at least one Best in Show or National Specialty Best of Breed win or a combination of three Breed Specialty wins, one Best in Multi-Breed Specialty, and three Group 1sts. They must also have a performance title, excluding the Canine Good Citizen title. A maximum of 10 points can be earned at a single show.

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