Can You Actually Herd Cats? See “Mythbusters” Try

Watch a cat video that takes a figure of speech very literally.

“It’s like herding cats.” The idiom describes an attempt to bring order to an unruly situation. Well, to you, anyway. The folks at halftruth-debunking TV show “Mythbusters” decided to take it literally.

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Hosts Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman try the feat in a large corral fenced with gridded plastic liner, with a smaller pen within. Trouble starts quickly with the cats eager to escape the larger pen by squeezing through holes in the fencing.

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Watch the video for the full scoop. After patching some holes in the fence, then wrapping it completely when it’s discovered that cats are super good at escaping thing, it appears that Savage gives up gently coaxing the kitties into the center of the grounds and begins to pick them up.

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Have you ever tried to “herd” your cat around your house? How did it go?

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