Can This Dog Really Read Commands?

A YouTube video appears to show a dog named Jordan reading basic commands and then following them.

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Is this dog "reading" the commands, or is it a trick?

Every girl who was between the ages of 13 and 20 at the time remembers the heartbreaking episode of “My So-Called Life” where we learned that angsty, choker-wearing heartthrob Jordan Catalano couldn’t read. We all clutched our flannel shirts (come on, it was 1994) and thought about all the pain in those blue eyes and then went back to thumbing through the pages of Sassy magazine.

Reading Dog 2

S-I-T spells sit!

Contrast that Jordan with the Jordan in this YouTube video posted over the weekend by user KoynKrash. This Jordan is a black dog who can seemingly “read” the commands for sit and down, doing exactly what it says on the signs the woman shows him. We’d totally like to believe that this dog has been studying his “Hooked on Phonics” workbook in between training sessions, but it could very well be that he knows the order the woman is displaying the signs or some other trick. Our hearts have already been broken by one Jordan… please don’t make it two.

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